As a Business Leader

As a Data Architect, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, or Software Engineer

The demand for accurate & timely data is growing. And speedy delivery is expected.

To meet the business needs, automation is key. Adopting a toolset that is fits in with existing skills, is easy to maintain and integrates well with open technology is a must.

Scalable data architecture

Build a robust & scalable data warehouse using a Data Vault & Kimball-style modelling methodology. Easily add data sources, implicitly track data lineage & history.

Low-code, always up-to-date documentation

Development is driven by documentation, and documentation is always up-to-date.


Built-in versioning with auto-commit to a git repository.  SQL scripts can also be downloaded from a specified AWS, GCP, or Azure storage bucket.

Save time

SQL is auto-generated. Insert-only SQL tasks are used. Modelling best-practices are applied, ensuring rapid development & quick delivery of results. 

The Solution

Data Architecture

As a Business Leader

The Solution

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